15 Best Android Applications and Fastest Browser, save Quota

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15 Best Android Applications and Fastest Browser, save Quota

List of Fastest Android Web Browser Application, Best, and save Quota Internet. Android browser is an application that functioned to access the internet like facebook, twitter, google plus, etc. Without a browser application we could not access the internet. Actually, when you buy HP's new android would already installed the application default, but the user android many complained when using the default application.
15 Best Android Applications and Fastest Browser, save Quota
15 Best Android Applications and Fastest Browser, save Quota

15 Best Android Browser Application and Most Powerful

On this occasion, I will share some of the best Android Web Browser Applications and the fastest this year. Applications that I review this time I download from legal sites Google Play Store. Here's a list of the best android browser application and the fastest that you can try on your android phone.

1. UC Browser

UC Browser is a web browser that you can use on your android phone. In addition, UC Browser can also be used on mobile phones Iphone, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. UC Browser has features that are reliable, at the start in terms of very attractive appearance, when in use browsing feels light and not heavy, and can open multiple pages at a time with the "Tab".

Secrets Why UC Browser Lite Feels Currently In Use? Because this application uses compressed features, such as for example, when you send a request, it will pass through the server, then the server will compress so the file size becomes smaller. Well, this is what makes UC Browser feels lighter and faster, and can save bandwidth (Quota Internet) use.

Another advantage of the UC Browser Without Ads. If for example, a blog ad network-based install Adsense or something then it will not be displayed. This can actually be detrimental to the bloggers and site owners is great, but the other side of Android users can browse faster and more convenient. Interested in trying, a free download via Google Play Store.

2. Chrome Browser - Google 

In addition to available for the PC, the application is also available for android phones. But the application made of google can only be installed on a mobile android version 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above. Ungulan existing features in Google Chrome is unlimited tabs, swipe navigation, synchronization, and is linked to google services directly.

Application of Google's browser is considered quite fast when loading the Page / pages. If you want, you can also activate the data saving feature on Google Chrome so that data is more economical and more efficient. But unfortunately, this application is wasteful of the battery. In just 4 hours Battery Smartphone could be discharged if you use Google Chrome App. But for the speed issue, Google Chrome may be a mainstay. Interested in trying, a free download via Google Play Store.

3. Firefox Browser For Android
15 Best Android Applications and Fastest Browser, save Quota
15 Best Android Applications and Fastest Browser, save Quota

Internet users may already know much about Firefox. Firefox is a Web browser into second in the world after the emergence of Intenet Explorer. Besides available in the PC browser applications, it also brings Firefox android based applications. For superior features that exist in this application are tabs, bookmarks, Firefox Sync and Add-ons.

Firefox also includes a web browser that is light enough, even the developers of Mozilla also claims that Firefox is faster compared with native android application itself. Disadvantages of the Firefox browser is not support for open sites with Flash Video.

Problems rival, Firefox might once have been very popular and many users. But now the Smartphone and Desktop users tend to choose UC Browser and Google Chrome. 

4. Opera Browser for Andoid - Opera Mini

Maybe you already know this one browser application. From the old school phone-based java to android now, the application is still popular and still in the interest of many people. In terms of features Opera Mini also memili advantages that are not inferior to other browser applications such as speed dial that you can customize, sync bookmarks, browsing Tap, and much more.

Views of Opera Mini also look more attractive, with themes feature, you can change the look of Opera Mini to your liking. besides, when loading the application page is also seen faster and lighter. Thus it is not wrong if you try this one application.

This application is also available power-saving features and compress the data, which means it can automatically make page loading faster and efficient quota for compressed by the server opera. Interested to try, download the Opera Mini app via the Google Play Store

5. Baidu Browser

Baidu Browser is a web browser that has superior features are no less with other browsers. In addition to presenting the application for PC browsers, Baidu also presented an application for android smartphones. Excellent features that should not regret that bookmark, screenshort, assess and detect the QR Code. In addition, Baidu Browser also working with news sites that are nationally and internationally that automatically you will not miss the latest news.

Do not worry about the problem of quotas, because the application is saving a quota premises internet browsing so you can settle anywhere and anytime. Interested in trying, a free download via Google Play Store.

6. Dolphin - Best Web Browser

Dolphin browser is a web browser application best android is not a figment. With the ability to open websites super fast, personalized clever format support for the latest web (HTML5), as well as friendly when used. Selian provided excellent features that are very attractive as AdBlock (Anti-Ad), Incognito (Security Identity), flash player (to go to the video or game), Synchronization, interface is clean and fast, gestures, Sonar, and many more.

This app has been downloaded more than 150 million times by Android and iOS users around the world. Want to search for a web browser, fast and full featured, the Dolphin browser choice. Interested to try, download for free from the Google Play Store.

7. Brave Browser - Link Bubble
Brave Browser is the next best android browser applications developed by developers Link Bubble. Previously, this application does have the name of Link Bubble but has evolved and changed into a Brave Browser. In 2014, Google Play Store rewards Brave Browser application as a user selection of the best applications and Google Play Store.

Features of this application is very interesting from blocking ads, https where - where, protection tracker, page loading in the background, as well as Efficient handling of a direct link to other applications. Brave Browser Applications are OpenSources so that you can see the code - code that is in it. 

8. Maxthon Cloud Browser

Maxthon Cloud Browser is a simple android browser that rincang for all Android users around the world. This application provides a wide selection of features that are very attractive and unique. Designed to adapt to users of Android itself (Human). 

The interface of this application is very simple and friendly, can be lightning fast page loading, indexing and good effect, UI design in line with human nature, very Ceras, and very advanced. Interested in trying, a free download via Google Play Store.

9. Puffin Web Browser

Puffin Web Browser is the fastest android app web browser with complete features can contain video content with good quality. Browser applications that one is able to load the page content either pictures or written very quickly either via smartphone or tablet android. 

Puffin using a compression algorithm to transmit a self-owned web data to your device, and it can save up to 90% of your bandwidth for ordinary web search. (Please note that streaming Flash content or videos require more bandwidth than normal use).

This application provides features - features that are interesting start page loading super fast, Support Adobe Flash for Android kitkat above, Mode Theatre for video and Flash games, trackpad and gamepad virtual, color theme for toolbar and sidebar, JavaScript engines fastest and more ,

10. CM Browser - Fast And Safe
15 Best Android Applications and Fastest Browser, save Quota
15 Best Android Applications and Fastest Browser, save Quota

CM Browser is a web browser that has the fastest android best security features. With CM Browser, you can browse anywhere and anytime safely and comfortably. There are three vision diutaman by this application from the Safe, Fast, and Small Business. When you do steaming or browsing on the internet, this application will do a thorough protection of every page you open.

Another feature that is not less interesting of these applications are based on a keyword search easy and fast adjustment of font size, bookmark Personalization, motion controls for video playback, and features - other interesting features that I can not mention one by one.

11. ASUS Browser - Secure Web Surf

ASUS Browser is a fast browser, lightest and safe are provided for all devices android gadgets with either the brand ASUS Asus Zenfone 2, Asus Zenfone Selfie and others. But you do not worry, this application is made not only for android devices Asus brand alone, melain you can also install the other android devices like Samsung, smartfreen, xiomi, HTC, LG, Lenovo, or other.

Applications developed by ZenUI, ASUS Computer Inc. already very popular. Proven over 50 million Android users have been installing and using this application. Over time, this browser will continue to rise and will certainly beat the other browsers such as Baidu Browser.

12. Web Browser

For those of you who like the android browser that is simple, simple, and does not burden the android phone then choose Web Browser application. Web Browser is a web browser android lightweight, simple, safe, and easy to use. Unlike Firefox and Google Chrome are teralu complicated, web apikasi this one more offer on the search and load super fast.

This browser application also supports Adobe Flash Player so you can watch videos on Youtube. Additionally, tersedi too quick search feature from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engine standards. Interested in trying, a free download via Google Play Store.

13. Next Browser: Fast, Secure

Next Browser is a new android browser that offers shared interesting features. IN 2016, this app promising new interface with a better experience. With this browser, you can open the pages very quickly, at the time of the speed in the test as much as 10,000 times the browser to load the page for approximately 1.5 seconds.

Next Browser provides additional features such as dancing (Evernote, Facebook, Pocket, QR code, Screenshot, PDF, Auto-refresh, Translation, Bookmark privacy, Deft it) with the development indefinitely. Not to forget, there are also features "latest news" of entertainment, sports, health, business, technology, knowledge, etc. Interested in trying, a free download via Google Play Store.

14. ONE Browser

ONE Browser is the fastest android browser application and the best that can open pages 45% faster than any other browser. This application also supports HTML 5 features so that the display / interface will be much better. There is also the Screenshort feature which means you can capture your current browser page loading. Interested to try, download ONE Browser app via the Google Play Store for free.

15. Yolo Browser - Speed, Safe

YOLO Browser is a browser application android safe and fast. This application offers the features of data saving as much as 50% and page load speed reaches 200%. Equally with UC Browser application, this application also provides features Block ads, which means you can be able to block all ads that could be faster loading pages.

In addition, available with features capable Security Protect your privacy with anonymous browsing mode, delete cookies history and saved passwords, giving you access to every corner of the internet. There are many other interesting features of this application, more details, please read the review via the Google Play Store.

You should know that all browsers will be noticeably faster when supported by adequate phone and smartphone good condition anyway. Hopefully browser options above can be considered in order to choose which browser you think is the best and fastest way. 

A few reviews singakat the Application List Easiest And Fastest Android Browser, may be helpful and useful. If there is something to ask or say, write via the comments field below. Thanks and good luck !!!

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