15 Best Android Apps Chat, Free and Full Full featured

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15 Best Android Apps Chat, Free and Full Full featured

List Applications Chat (Instant Messenger) For Smartphone and Tablet Android, Chat or Chatting is a stylish young people present. Prior to the chat most people prefer to do SMS. But the feature of SMS is very limited, it is the primary thinker apps developers to create applications similar to SMS, but has features that are far superior. And finally bermuncullah Applications Android Chatting diverse as it is today.
15 Best Android Apps Chat, Free and Full Full featured
15 Best Android Apps Chat, Free and Full Full featured

Not only just send messages, chat also can send unique and funny sticker makes users become comfortable to chat every day. In addition, the app - which is circulating now chat application also has excellent features that can be enjoyed free of charge, such as Video Call, Voice Call, mobile and other calls.

15 Best Android Apps Chatting, Internet, and Most Popular

To send a message (SMS) You must have a pulse, while the chat application only uses internet data. Things like this can save pulses so as not to run out quickly. And if you do not have Internet data, you can still chat if you are connected to Wifi. Talk problem chat, application to chat now very many kinds, and you may also feel confused to choose which one. Here b ome Suggestions Chats Android Application Best And Most Popular Can You Make selections.

1. Line

Chat Android app first named Line. Maybe you already know this one application, many plastered its ads in any media, from internet, youtube, tv, social media and more. This application is unique, the article you can send sticker funny and cool. Indeed, the main focus of this application is the sticker and send messages via chat, and even you can also make costume on the sticker to your liking. 

If you use this application you can also add friends in a unique, ie by shaking your android smartphone. In addition to its unique features, you are also pampered with sophisticated features that telepone and video calls for free. Download this app via the Play Store for free. 

Download Line Via Google Play
15 Best Android Apps Chat, Free and Full Full featured
15 Best Android Apps Chat, Free and Full Full featured

WeChat is a chat application that comes with a Hold to Talk feature. Hold to Talk is a feature to record sounds that can further direct you send to your chat friends. And more fun again provided hundreds of funny smile that you can use for free. In addition, there are also the most popular games that can be played along with your chat friends. 

Find new friends around you with a Friend feature Radar, enough to shake - just shake your phone. You can also share your photos with the beautiful moments steam personal photos. This chat application can be used on smartphones types of Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. 

Download WeChat Via Google Play
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3. Path

Path is a social media application that can also be made in the chat application. End - the end of this bustling applications used by the artist - Indonesian artists. With this application you can chat with friends or lovers. It could also be used directly to share beautiful moments, ranging from the status, music, photos and video. More than 1 million Android users have downloaded this application, How about you, are interested to try it ?. Download for free via Google Play Store. Download Path Via Google Play

4. fuel

BBM initially only be used in mobile phones Bleckberry. Now it can be used on Android and iOS smartphones. This app does include a chat application that demand a lot of people in because the application is easy and simple. In the Play Store itself proved to have downloaded the android user reached 7 million. 

What's interesting about this application is that you can send a message Braodcast (BC) at the same time easily and quickly. Things like this are often used by online businesses to promote their products. Besides chatting, this app can also be used for voice calls (BBM Voice) and shared status. Download BBM Via Google Play

5. KakaoTalk

KakaoTalk is a messaging application at high speed. It is no use to send messages pending era, now there KakaoTalk messaging so smoothly and quickly. Did you know that this application users reached 150 million worldwide. Besides messaging (Chat) This application can also be used for phone calls for free. Additionally, sometimes the application also share COUPONS & VOUCHER each day, can be used to treat a friend or beloved. 

With this application to chat with many friends will not be problematic, because the application also has a feature to create groups with unlimited members. This application is available for smartphones and PCs. Download this app for free via Google Play Store. 

Download KakaoTalk Via Google Play

6. WhatsApp

Next android chat application called WhatsApp. This application is fairly easy to use, simply by registering with No HP, then you can use this application for free. This application does not need to use a User Name and Pin, because these applications work as well as the SMS is fully integrated with HP No. contacts. In addition to sending and receiving messages, you can send images, videos, voice messages, and phone calls for free. Do not worry pulses discharged because the application uses the internet connection. 

Download WhatsApp Via Google Play

7. Hangout

The next android chat app is an application made by Google named hangout. These applications include applications upscale, full terinterasi article of this application with Google Plus. Well, you want to chat using this application, using stickers and emoji to make it more exciting and fun when messaging. In addition to chat this application can also be used for SMS / MMS and provided with features Video Call with excellent video quality. 

Download Hangouts Via Google Play

8. Facebook Messenger

You must have heard the name facebook, and maybe even you also have a facebook account. Now, with Facebook you can communicate with your friends - you easily and quickly. Although included in the social media facebook, but facebook also provide messenger application that you can use to chat with other Facebook users. convenience offered of this application is the ability to chat without having to log in facebook first. 

Download Facebook Messenger Via Google Play

9. Instagram
15 Best Android Apps Chat, Free and Full Full featured
15 Best Android Apps Chat, Free and Full Full featured

Instagram is an application that is enabled to share beautiful moments through photos or videos. More than 400 million people worldwide use the application, even among artists also use this application. The application also comes with photo editing. Photo editing features provided would facilitate the users to edit photos before it shared. Look for your followers are active, then invited for a chat (if you like: D) or send funny emoji. 

Download Instagram Via Google Play

10. Imo Video And Chat Free

IMO is chatting and video calling app for Android smartphones and tablets. With IMO, you can contact family, friends, relatives, siblings, or lover. IMO brings the features chat and free phone calls through connection / 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi. With IMO, you can chat with friends through chat groups that you create. 

Express your emotions and your enjoyment via Sticker funny and cool that have been provided. Do not forget you can also share beautiful moments with photos and video. Interested in trying, a free download via Google Play Store. 

IMO Download Via Google Play Store

11. MeetMe: Chat With New People

MeetMe is a free android app chat is simple, friendly, practical, and simple. The application is perfect for those of you who like to chat / long chat on Android. With this application you will certainly get suasa and experience more fun and more exciting. Application MeetMe very friendly, suitable for all ages, gender, region or nationality can all mengguakannya. 

More than 100 million Android users have been installing and using this application. How about you? MeetMe interested in trying app, a free download via Google Play Store. Download MeetMe Via Google Play Store

12. Moco - Chat & Meet people

Moco is a free Android app Chat harshest and most crowded to chat online. This application becomes NO # 1 as an application for locating friends, make friends, dating, friendship, and much more. With this application, you can get a good new friends at the Foreign or domestic. 

This application provides a chat Room and Forum chat that can be used for online chat can one by one or by all members. In addition Chat, available also with 50 game interesting and exciting start of Poker, Slots, Bingo, and others - others. Interested to try, download Moco apps through the Google Play Store for free. 

Download Moco Via Google Play Store

13. Snapchat

Snapchat is a chat application Android is exciting and fun. With Snapchat, the day - the day of your boredom will be lost. Many Android users around the world who also use this application. What's interesting about this application that is available Snapchatters feature that is able to win or save the results in a picture message. Interested to try, download Snapchatters Snapchat app via the Google Play Store. 

Download Snapchat Via Google Play Store

14. LOVOO - Chat And Meet People

LOVOO is a chat application that offers the Android love sharing option to get acquainted with single women or men. With LOVOO application, you can get a friend or a new partner through online media easily and quickly. Already more than 50 million Android users have joined here. 

With radar feature, you can find terkedat people that are around you. If he also uses LOVOO application, then surely his account will be visible. Interesting right? Interested to try, download LOVOO apps through the Google Play Store for free. Download LOVOO Via Google Play Store

15. Twitter

The last application that I can recommend to you named Twitter. With twitter you can communicate with everyone around the world for free. Express yourself through text, photos, emoji, or video, then do tweet so your followers can see the expression that you do. 

Want to chat, twitter is now available a private chat with a lover or your friends without being restricted to 140 characters when writing. Waiting for, use the twitter app now. 

Download Twitter Via Google Play Store

That's some of the best android chat application that I can recommend to you. to choose the best chat app to your liking, you should choose an application that is widely used by friends - your friends. Such as many of your friends using the BBM application, then you better also use BBM app anyway. Things like this will allow you to multiply contacts / friends chatting quickly. 

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All the above applications can be downloaded for free via the play store. Come on, download the app chat right now and feel the comfort and excitement given.

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