19 Best Android Antivirus Apps, Lightweight, and Quick In Removing Virus

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19 Best Android Antivirus Apps, Lightweight, and Quick In Removing Virus

List of Best and Free Antivirus For Smartphones and Android Tablets, Do you know what it Antivirus? Antivirus is an application designed to protect your device or dikhusukan smatphone, Tablet, and even computer from malicious files which disturb or destroy the system device itself. File or malicious code that can execute to damage files on your android like photos, videos, applications, and can even be allowed to destroy the android system.
19 Best Android Antivirus Apps, Lightweight, and Quick In Removing Virus
19 Best Android Antivirus Apps, Lightweight, and Quick In Removing Virus
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For users android course, we need to secure our smartphones from malicious files that enter covertly, could be through the application installed, Bluetooth, internet and more. Now these new viruses is increasingly types of her, but the developer of the antivirus world also strive to provide the best android phone to stay safe. To prevent the virus from getting on android, you should install antivirus that is highly reliable and best.

19 Best Android Antivirus Apps and Reliable

Some Antivirus applications worldwide are known to call it AVG. Initially Antivirus this one available for PC type device, but with the changing times and technologies Antivirus is available for smartphones and tablets from Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. In addition to protect the android device, AVG also protect you when browsing using Firewall feature. 

Actually there are many applications Anti Virus best that you can download for free through Google Play, for more details refer to some of the best Anti-Virus may be an option for you.

1. AVG Antivirus Security

AVG Antivirus Antivirus Security is a fairly well-known of the android user. Previously I have said that AVG was initially only available for the PC or laptop, but over time the developer of AVG Anti-Virus develop for smartphone and tablet android. Antivirus in the Google Play itself has a pretty good rating. Antivirus is not wrong if this one becomes Antivirus crowned best in the world.

What are the features available from AVG? AVG is able to perform protect to prevent viruses or malicious files that go on android phone you have. In addition, there are also features anti-malware and anti physing to increase protection for your android device from the evil malware application. And while you're browsing you will be protected by a firewall or a feature wall that is capable of scanning or filtering so that no malicious files that can enter and damage your android system. Keen to try AVG Antivirus, yuk download via Google Play Store for free.

2. Mobile Security AVAST

Just like AVG, AVAST initially was only terdia for PC and laptop, but is now available for Smartphone and Tablet versions. Antivirus applications this one is equally great with previous Antivirus, Antivirus is also capable of protection or protecting against file or application that goes into your android phone. Display of Antivirus is also simple and simple, making it easy to be understood by all android users.

You can scan all the files in memory Internal and External android, so Antivirus will work to locate and identify malicious files that can corrupt and delete data that you have. Just like AVG, Antivirus this one also features a firewall, so browsing through cyberspace or online will be protected. 

But unfortunately, this Antivirus available 2 version, if you choose the free version, the features provided enough basic features only, whereas for the premium features of course, you will get additional features with better security. Try to download the free version via Google Play store.

3. Free McAfee Antivirus & Security

Free McAfee Antivirus & Security is an application that can protect your Android device from virus attacks that threaten. Just like the previous Antivirus, Antivirus which one is available for the PC version and the version of the smartphone and tablet. What's interesting about this is that there Antivirus anti-theft feature. So when you use this Antivirus, suggested to create a PIN or password so that when there are thieves who want to remove this application from your android device then automatically Antivirus will be locked, so no one else can open or remove this Antivirus. 

The most unfortunate of this Antivirus is quite consuming a lot of memory. Antivirus is not suitable for a mobile phone with a small memory capacity because if forced then android phones will feel heavy and slow. Try this Antivirus download via Google Play for free.

4. Kapersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security is an application that can protect your android phone seragangan virus from entering through online or offline media. Just like McAfee, Antivirus this one also has an anti-theft feature so that security will be more secure and better. Meanwhile, if you upgrade to the paid version, you will get additional features such as online storage of data protection and anti-phishing. 

5. Lookout

Lookout Antivirus is an application that features anti-theft mobile phone by remote control. Simply by creating an account or ID on this Antivirus, then you can monitor kebadaan android phone remotely through online media. In addition to malicious files or virus scan, Antivirus can also scan junk files such as temporary atapun cache that makes the phone working slowly.

Usually Antivirus is directly installed on some android devices. So, if your android device already exists Antivirus may be difficult when you want to remove. However, advice from me should not have to be deleted, because it feels more minimalist Antivirus and lighter to be used compared with Antivirus in general.

6. Dr. web Antivirus

Dr. Web Antivirus is an antivirus application that offers many advantages compared with other Antivirus. What are the features that exist in Dr. Web Antivirus? From the free version, it provides features Antivirus scanning virus, anti-malware and notifications or notifications when there are outsiders who merusaha steal data in your android device. 

As for the paid version (price 75 dollars) would provide a special feature that is highly reliable and guaranteed security of your android, features such as anti-theft, anti-spam, as well as online data storage service. For bebayar version is very expensive, if the rupiahkan it can reach 800 hundred thousand, but the features are given does not mess around and quite reliable.

7. 360 Security - Junk Cleaner

360 Security is the best Android antivirus that comes with features super fast and light cleaning. With this application, you can remove the virus, Trojan, or malware easily and quickly. This application can be used as an alternative for Android users who like the simplicity. Evidently, the application has been downloaded more than 200 million Android penggguna.

In addition to cleaning viruses and junk files, this application is also able to optimize the performance of Android, save power usage with intelligent, Privacy Lock & Applications, Services Reliable anti-theft, as well as business-friendly Application. Interested in trying, a free download via Google Play Store.

8. AntiVirus Android

As the name suggests, this application is diperuntuhkan for users of smartphones and tablet android as a tool to remove the virus easily and quickly. This application previously named AndroHelm, but after the development time changed and evolved into Android AntiVirus. This application can scan the new applications that you install on Android. Malicious files such as breaches of privacy, spying program, would detect phishing. Interested in trying, a free download via Google Play Store.

9. Avira Antivirus Security
19 Best Android Antivirus Apps, Lightweight, and Quick In Removing Virus
19 Best Android Antivirus Apps, Lightweight, and Quick In Removing Virus

Avira Antivirus Security is a shield applications for smartphones and tablet android in protecting systems from malware attacks, Trojans, or other. By installing Avira on your android then a photo, video, music, text messages, contacts and more will be covered thoroughly. This application is already very popular among desktop computer users. But unfortunately, this application is only available in English, Indonesian does not yet support.

10. Antivirus & Mobile Security

Antivirus & Mobile Security or TrustGo is a free android application which functioned to remove and protect the android devices from virus / Trojan. TrustGo protect you from the most harmful malware and viruses currently PLUS apps that can steal your personal privacy, identity and data.

How to use this application is quite easy, with a single tap, you can do the scanning and virus removal is easy and fast. In addition to removing the virus, is also a Backup feature that would serve as a tool to back up important files such as contacts, text messages, and call logs. Interested in trying, a free download via Google Play Store.

11. CM Security AppLock Antivirus

CM Security is an antivirus android who has been awarded the Oscar of the antivirus world for the 7th time. CM Security is rated as # 1 again by AV-TEST! AV-TEST. This application is judged to be the fastest and safest application that has been downloaded more than 50 million Android users around the world. This application is also supported by more than 26 languages ​​around the world, including Indonesian.

Besides being used as a security application, the application is also enabled for a particular application with a PIN lock, Call Blocking, and Block malicious URLs and protect yourself against malicious web sites. Interested in trying, a free download via Google Play Store

12. Mobile Security & Antivirus

Mobile Security & Antivirus is an antivirus application best android developed by ESET. This application is able to protect your Android smartphone and tablet from virus attacks both in the offline and online. For premium features these applications provide many keunngulan start of the Proactive Anti-Theft with a web interface on my.eset.com, On-charger scanning, scheduled scanning, and more.

13. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a virus removal tool android form of malware, including spyware and Trojans. With this application, you can do a scan automatically when files or applications that are accessed (real-time) or only when activated manually (on-demand). Interested in trying, a free download via Google Play Store.

14. Norton Security and Antivirus

Norton Security & Antivirus is a mobile security applications and virus protection all-in-one for your smartphone or tablet android. Protection features of the application is able to protect you from the evil android malware files such as Trojans and spyware. With this application, you do not have to be afraid of malicious threats, theft, identity and data retrieval or online. Intrigued by Norton applications, see the full review in the Google Play Store.

15. AMC Security - Antivirus Boost

AMC Security (aka Advanced Mobile Care) is a security application and optimization of IObit. Aside from being a security Online and Offine, the application is also available Memory Boost feature. In terms of improving performance Android RAM that is faster and lighter. Want to try the AMC app, a free download via Google Play Store.

16. DU Antivirus - App Lock Free
19 Best Android Antivirus Apps, Lightweight, and Quick In Removing Virus
19 Best Android Antivirus Apps, Lightweight, and Quick In Removing Virus

DU Antivirus & App Lock protect and enhance the performance of Android phone or tablet to work better and more optimal. With one tap and wait for a few seconds, then all viruses can be scanned thoroughly. If indeed there is a virus and then you yourself can directly delete it. 

Besides as antivirus, there are also features of the App Lock which is certainly capable of protecting the application to maintain the privacy and security of data. Interested in trying, free download DU Antivirus app via the Google Play Store.

17. NQ Antivirus - Killing Virus

NQ Antivirus is an android application which is well known as a killer virus and malware applications Android. This application has been trusted by Android users as the best antivirus applications. Evidently, more than 30 million users have downloaded and install this application. The main features of NQ Antivirus applications that privacy protection, data backup, and increased capabilities of mobile phones. Interested in trying NQ Antivirus, a free download via Google Play Store.

18. GO Security, Antivirus AppLock

GO Security is the best android virus cleaning machine with a rating high enough. This application has detected more than 1 million Android malware and high-risk applications. With new virus detection technology is unique, GO Security grew stronger with almost 1,000 new malware discovered daily.

Aside from being a security engine, is also a key feature of applications that would be utilized to lock the messenger apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, BBM, Line, and others. Interested to try, download GO Security via the Google Play Store.

19. Bitdefender Antivirus Free

The last application that I can recommend to you named Bitdefender Antivirus Free. Antivirus This one is pretty light when only used to clean the malicious files such as Trojans or viruses as cleaning trash - garbage in your android system. No wonder if this Antivirus feels light because of the features that is given is not so complete like other Antivirus. Unfortunately, anti-malware features or physing Antivirus is not available on this one. 

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That brief review of the List of Best Antivirus For Smartphones And Tablet Android, may be helpful and useful. If later there are questions to ask or want to add another antivirus advice, write via the comments field below. Thanks and good luck !!

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