4 How to Improve Android The Less Good Signal

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4 How to Improve Android The Less Good Signal

 How to Improve Android Signal The Less Good, The problem that often occurs on the user smrtphone is a bad signal or less good. Bad signal certainly makes you upset in many ways, can not perform activities such as SMS, Phone and internet. Today - the day it must be so boring. Usually a bad signal problems are on the phone made in china and not mean to insult but the reality is like that. There are many causes of bad signal problems such as hp old age, problems that are difficult to spot locations may signal a problem with the software or hardware signal receiver.
 4 How to Improve Android The Less Good Signal
 4 How to Improve Android The Less Good Signal
The location is the best in getting the signal is an urban area, because of the range of the transmitter signal is more than remote areas such as villages or forests. But if you still diarea urban poor signal could be your android smartphone is affected by the problem. It is recommended not disassemble or tamper - tweaking your android phone if it does not know the ins and outs of your android phone. Better follow the way - a simple way to overcome a weak signal on android phone below.

1. Enable and Disable Airplane Mode

Airplane mode or "Airplane Mode" function to disable all the existing signal in your android phone. This feature is usually available default on all kinds of android phone. Turn on Airplane mode then all signals will disappear, wait for a few minutes, then turn off Airplane mode then automatically your android phone will search for a new signal. Things like this usually can amplify the signal android bad.

Perhaps in that way is not so influential on your android phone, but there is no harm if you tried. If that does not work, cobalan second way.

2. Perform Locking Network
Locking on the network is meant to choose one type of tissue in order to amplify the signal android. By default android phone chooses a network in automatic mode but you can change the mode Only 2G (GSM), 3G Only (WCDMA), or 4G Only (LTE). For android phone users that they should choose the type of 3G network 3G Only (WCDMA) in order to amplify the signal android. Besides being able to amplify the signal, the internet activity will also be more quickly and smoothly.

It is suggested you should not select automatic mode so that the network does not change - change. Choose the Only mode (only one), but can amplify the signal, your android battery also will be more efficient because it does not hold - the canal looking for signals.

3. Stick With Sticker Signal Receiver

Is there a sticker which can receive signals? There answer. Replacing the receiver signal sticker on the back of the phone also can assist in receiving incoming signals on your android phone. Besides being used to receive the signal, can also be used as an accessory for its funny and unique. If interested, you can buy a sticker on the signal receiving mobile phone store or shop online.

Materials used in the Sticker is made of metal that is thinned and of course this very environment friendly and does not damage your android phone hardware.

4. Install Applications Signal Amplifiers

The last way you can do is to install applications strengthen the signal. Some applications that you can use free of charge as Signal Guard Pro, Open Signal Maps, Network Signal Strength, Signal Booster and other applications. I recommend to use the Guard Signal Pro because it has features that are quite complete and can be used free of charge.

Signal Guard Pro can search for missing signals automatically, can provide notification if there are signals that arrive - got lost, and still many other interesting features. If you want to see the full features and want to download the Google Play please click the link below.

Those are some tips on simple ways to amplify the signal android without having membokar or messing tweaking the android system. If the above manner is also not increased signal android better probably is the location of your residence is not reached by the SIM provider you use or jelasknya ask the technician android that can help your problem. 

Thus information on how to improve the signal android hopefully can help you. Thanks and see you on another occasion.

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