5 Saving Tips To Not Fast Internet Quota Out

articel : 5 Saving Tips To Not Fast Internet Quota Out

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5 Saving Tips To Not Fast Internet Quota Out

Tips on How to Save For Not Fast Internet Quota Out,  Quota is urgently needed in daily life - our day, such as browsing, facebook, fuel, line, twitter, instaram.Without the quota / data we can not access the internet. In Indonesia alone provider who become the people's choice is the provider of Telkomsel. Price of Internet packets telkomsel wide - range, from the cheapest to the most expensive.
5 Saving Tips To Not Fast Internet Quota Out
5 Saving Tips To Not Fast Internet Quota Out

The reason people prefer Telkomsel Indonesia because in addition to package price is cheap, the signal of Telkomsel is stronger than the other providers. 
However, even though many people are choosing Telkomsel Indonesia, other providers are also a mainstay of society as IM3, XL, Smartfreen, and 3.

Well, to use the internet quota should you save in order not to run out quickly. The following tips can save your internet quota try to practice.

1. Use Browser More Efficient "Save Data"

If you buy a smartphone would have provided default browser built hp. But you know that sometimes the default browser of your internet quota suck more. Now, to overcome it should try to download a browser that is more efficient and can save internet quota. 

UC Browser becomes the first choice so that your quota is more efficient, because the UC Browser features terdaoat the data-saving features that can save the previous data access when you come back it will save your internet quota.

Besides UC Browser choice of other browser can also save your data is opera mini. Opera Mini into the second piliha because in addition to storing data saving, another feature that can save the data is video boost that can reduce the Buffer Video watching videos on youtube.

2. Turn Feature Maps (GPS) When Not Used

Significantly does GPS really helps you to find the place you want to go. But you know the GPS feature also includes applications that are draining internet quota, especially if you change the mode into a visible image of the satelite, internet data then you will quickly run out.

We recommend using the GPS feature on a certain time, or when it needs to travel far. You can turn off the GPS feature on the top of your android smartphone notifications. Internet quota so you will not run out quickly.

3. Limit Update Your Android App

Each application that you install on your Android smartphone certainly has a feature update. Well, the update feature applications also require a quota bigger, better update your android applications at certain times such as when using Wifi.

Applications google play too often to update, you should use the update feature of this application while using the Wifi only. How to select the settings menu Settings Auto-update apps // // Auto-update apps over WiFi Only . Well, in that way you will surely quota is much more efficient than before.

4. Identify Applications That Make Fast Data Quota Out

Identify the applications that drain quota by going to the settings menu and then select the data usage, however, and it was found that using big data applications. If not so used should be abolished and replaced with a more efficient application.

5. Reduce Use of Online Games

Online gaming entertainment is certainly a lot of people when you're bored or when relaxing. For instance the COC ( Clash Of Clans ), this game is very popular among young Indonesian, but playing this game is also very draining your internet quota. Should not be too often play games online so that you do not quickly exhausted quota.

Those are some tips on how to save the Internet data that is not quickly exhausted hopefully this article can be helpful and useful to all. That is all and thank you :)

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