9 How To Save Battery Android For a Permanent Durable And Long Lasting

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9 How To Save Battery Android For a Permanent Durable And Long Lasting

Android Battery Saving Tips How To Stay Durable And Long An age-paced today's modern android smartphone user turns more and more. What was once the smartphone can only be at the price of millions of rupiah, but now could be only for hundreds of thousands of rupiah. The breakthrough of China State who produce android phone at cheap price with complete feature. With android users are more and more, complaints from android users also will be many problems such as battery that is not durable and quickly exhausted.
9 How To Save Battery Android For a Permanent Durable And Long Lasting
9 How To Save Battery Android For a Permanent Durable And Long Lasting

Batteries are not durable and quickly exhausted very reasonable, because the type of android phones do require very much power in order to become more optimal performance. 
Especially the application - specific applications that require large power such as Games and 
Browser Internet . Each android phone is already designed with a battery capacity of different - different from the moderate to the jumbo. By choosing a phone with a larger capacity / jumbo would be more durable and long lasting. However, need more money in order to get a phone with a larger battery capacity that.

Now, to overcome that sort of thing you do not have to buy a new phone, simply apply the tips on how to save battery android android below then the batteries you will be more durable than ever.

1. Disable Notifications Yang Required

Notification or notification often appear suddenly gara gara their renewal application or game. Such notification can also drain the battery power of your android because such notifications appear when the application to update if it is connected to the Internet. Perhaps something like this is fairly trivial, but we realize that the game notifications or applications can drain the battery quickly.

To overcome this course, you must turn off notifications update apps or games that are not so important. Go to "Settings" and then select the "Apps" and then review the applications or games you want to disable notifications for, usually often provide notifications are Google Play and Game. Then uncheck the "Show Notification". 

2. Turn off Wifi If Required

Wifi feature is so much easier android users to access the internet for free in certain areas. But if you are not located in the area Hotspot (WiFi) should disable the Wifi feature. Because if it continues to be active, the phone will continue to search for the nearest Wifi signal, as this can drain the battery faster. You should use the default network on your android phone as a 3G or 4G LTE. But if you are in the area Wifi use your heart's content, because it takes less power than 3G or 4G LTE network.

So as not to confuse it can be concluded that if it is not located in the area WIfi should turn off the Wifi feature, but if it is in the area Wifi Wifi feature enabled.

3. Turn off GPS (Location) If Not Used

GPS can help you in finding the location / place easily and quickly. apart from being used as a location, GPS also can track android phone is lost because it is connected directly with the google account. However, the use of GPS too often can also drain the battery quickly. If you do not really need a GPS should just turn off the GPS feature that batteries are quickly exhausted.

How to turn off the GPS feature you can do to get in on the "Settings" menu and then select the "Location" and "Security" and then turn off the feature by removing the check mark.

4. Lower Brightness On Screen
If the android phone looks bright and clear, of course, can suck power beterai android faster. The more light, the more wasteful android phones also use your android battery. Display is clear and bright indeed be easier for you to do activities on android phones, but such is not required if you are in an enclosed space such as an office, home, or school. However, if you're in the sun, you can increase the brightness to make it more obvious when looking at the screen android.

Well, to adjust the brightness on your android phone, you can go to the "Settings" menu and then select the section entitled "Display", from where you can adjust the screen kecarahan on android.

5. Do not Wear Live Wallpaper (Animated)

By installing Live wallpaper does look more cool and funny. However, you probably already know that Live Wallpaper can make batteries run out quickly due to put a picture moves like animation. We recommend that you install a home screen with a simple image or photo lover. In addition, also reduce the use of widgets that are not so important to be installed. By following the exact way you are able to save your android battery.

6. Close Applications Not Used

Why android batteries run out quickly, but do not open any applications openWithout you realizing that the battery runs out quickly is also affected because of the application that runs continuously, although not open the application, like fuel , Whatsappp, or facebook messenger. The application will continue to drain your battery power continuously if not terminated / stopped. For how to stop the run on android app is very easy to do. Entry on the "Settings" menu and then select the "Apps" and then look for the application you want to stop in the "Running". Usually a lot of battery power drain is Social media applications such as Line, BBM, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. Stop the application if it is not used by click "Stop".

By following these steps can at least save your android battery from being rapidly depleted. 

7. Reduce Data Usage Internet

Internet is very useful in daily life - our day. With the Internet communication also become easier and faster. However, accessing the internet exaggerated android can drain the battery quickly. Most of the android phone that is experiencing battery issues that are not durable and rapidly depleted due to excessive access the internet until - until betarai into heat.

Now, to overcome such a thing should use internet data as needed. Do not linger - old hang out in social media. However, if you access the Internet on Wifi area, use your heart's content because in addition to the free Wifi is also power-saving features.

8. Install Application Battery Saver

Actually there is no battery saver android applications, only applications that can monitor the use of battery power. But with application monitoring at least you can see what apps that drain the battery faster. You can use the application Snapdragon ™, Avast Battery Saver, or DU Battery Saver for monitoring battery penggunanan to survive longer. Download the app memalui Google Play for free.

9. Use a Headset When Listening to Music

Tips to save battery last is to use a headset when listening to music. Why should use a headset? If you listen to it directly on android speaker will certainly drain the battery faster because the voice is loud, whereas if you use the headset voice certainly smaller and does not drain the battery too much. But the choice is your didiri each - each, want to use a headset or listen directly from the phone.

    Those are some simple tips to make the battery last longer and can last longer. Perhaps there are many tips and tricks out there, but if you really - really apply the tips above, I'm sure your battery will be more efficient than before. If you travel a lot and are afraid your battery runs out, you should bring mencarger Power Bank for mobile phone when the battery is depleted.

    Similarly, the information I can give may be helpful and beneficial to all. Thank you :)

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