Easy Ways to Change Display Icon Android Application

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Easy Ways to Change Display Icon Android Application

Here's How to Change and Change Display Icon Android Application Without RootNgak know what the icons? In the android phone is a kind of image icons or small logo that identifies or indicates a particular application. For example icon in Camera 360 is colored yellow in the center, there is a camera image, then the Google icon with the image of "G" in the middle. Well, that is the icon on apikasi android.

As an android user surely we like to see our android fox change, ranging from wallpapers, Keyboard, fuel, and other - other. But have you ever change the display icons of applications on android, android possible for new users still confused how to change the android app icons . But do not worry, because this time I will give you tips and how to change the icons on android easily and quickly.

Easy Ways to Change Display Icon Android Application
Easy Ways to Change Display Icon Android Application
The way that I can recommend is to use additional applications of Application Launcher or android themes and Application Icon Changer. 2 in this way is the most convenient and most appropriate for you to do and you also do not need to root on android phone you have. Phones warranty so they are safe and will not be lost.

How to Change Icons Android Application

1. Application Launcher

Launcher ngak know what it is? Launcher is an application that can be used to change all android look like wallpaper, fonts, icons, widgets, and others. install Louncher can actually make your android phone feels heavy and slow, but for mobile phones with high spec of course this is not a problem. Recommendations from my use Apex, Hola, or Nova Launcher as an option to change the look of your android. In general, Application Launcher already provides several themes to the android app icon, but you can also install or add another icon pack by downloading via the Internet using the Launcher you use.

2. Application Icon Changer

Icon Changer is the second choice of applications that you can use to change the appearance of the application icon you want. This application is suitable for all types of android devices with high or low spec. When used in applications was light so as not to burden the phone. Besides being used to change the display icon, the app can also be used to change the name of the icon itself. I think to do customization on the application icon such as BBM, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, and other application icons would be very easy to do.

That's two ways to change the icon android app that I can share to you, hopefully in a way that can be helpful and beneficial for all android users. Thanks and see you on the other occasions :)

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