Tips on How to Overcome Android BBM To Not Pending

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Tips on How to Overcome Android BBM To Not Pending

Tips on How to Overcome Android BBM To Not Pending, Slow, and slow.  Previous BBM (Blackberry Massanger) is only found on Blackberry phones, but since the emergence of the fuel, the more android android users who use BBM. Application BBM messenger application is quite heavy, it took a phone with hardware that is good enough so that the performance of the fuel is not slow.
Tips on How to Overcome Android BBM To Not Pending
Tips on How to Overcome Android BBM To Not Pending
Too many applications installed on the phone also affect the performance of the application. Examples such as games in HD or 3D, the application is draining the resources of the CPU and RAM. If the application is still your life then automatically other applications will not run optimally (slow or slow), but if your phone is quite hp expensive hardware is quite well of course this would not be problematic, there may be other issues that make the application of fuel you slow. 

Basically the fuel problems of different slow - depending on the users themselves. Fuel pending continuously as sending messages or chat is usually caused because the Internet connection was inadequate or because the stack cache which makes fuel seemed heavy. 

How To Overcome Slow Fuel and Pending in HP Android

On this occasion I will share about How To Overcome The Lemot Android BBM, Pending, and slow. How I give is not fully able to make your BBM app work 100%, but at least you try first. Consider a brief review method BBM Pending And How To Overcome Slow below.

Method 1: Delete File Cache Android

Junk files / cache often interfere with daily activities in Android. The longer you use a smartphone, the cache will be more and more, that's why as a user you should be wise in taking care of smartphones, especially delete cache files. 

Cache files are not only created by the fuel, but can also other applications such as LINE, WeChat, Instagram, Facebook Lite, UC Browser, Google Chrome, games, and more. To remove it, you two ways you can do. The first way could be without application (one by one) and the second way is by using third-party applications (one tap all erased). Follow the steps - steps to delete cache files one by one below.

  • Open the menu Settings »Applications» tap Downloads » find application in fuel, then tap " Clear Cache ". 

    Method 2: Find a Place With Quality Signal Stronger

    Signal / Networking is key so that Android users can perform activities on the Internet, especially BBM's. Signal with poor quality is difficult of course to send messages or chat with friends and family, seemed like pending and delay. 

    Every place usually has a different signal quality - different, not all oprator could reach the area where you live. To get the best signal that is to replace your SIM Card with a good signal in accordance with the operator your area. If for example your area telkomselnya good signal then use Telkomsel card so that your internet connection may be faster. 

    Method 3: Remove Applications Not Used

    Too many applications installed has also become an important point of fuel causes slow, it is in because the resources that exist in your phone should be divided - for, while the application of fuel requires huge resources so that performance is good. An example application FB, Google +1, Hangout, Facebook Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, WeChat, Line, KakaoTalk, and games with 3D or HD quality. If all the applications you install your BBM app will certainly be slow and slow for other applications that also require CPU and RAM resources are many. Unless you have an Android Smartphone RAM memory capacity is large enough may not be problematic.

    For much better you should remove or Social Media Chat application that you do not use. In addition to save memory, it also can make the application of fuel more quickly and not slow. How to remove the app in Android is quite simple, follow the steps - steps below.

    • Open the menu Settings »Applications» tap Downloads » search application APP NAME, then tap " Uninstall ". 

    Method 4: Turn off the Social Media App That Always Online

    All social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, Line, and others in need of a fast internet connection, especially now that there are new features on social media that provides notifications on your mobile phone, this certainly will affect the performance of the fuel and make your phone becomes slow.

    To overcome this you should use social media notifications on which it is you need and remove social media applications that do not need. It could also be the other way is by turning off notifications on social media that you do not use.

    Method 5: Do not use BBM Scene

    If you install a theme fuel but the performance of your CPU and RAM unfavorable course this will affect the slow application of fuel you use. We recommend using the default theme for the app just does not feel heavy and slow.

    Just to Share:

    In addition to the five methods above, there are other things you should know. Mobile / Smartphone Android is already fairly old age of about 3 or 5 years of age may be slightly decreased performance. This happens not only on smartphones, it could have happened to the laptop or computer. The longer life of all electronic devices such as cell phones, laptop, TV, DVD, radio, and other then the performance and quality will also decline, even-even price also declined. 

    So, if all of the above methods still have no effect at all then buy a new Android Smartphone with better hardware quality.

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    Similarly, a brief review of How To Overcome Android BBM To Not Slow And Pending, may be helpful and useful. If there is something to ask or say, write via the comments field below. Thanks and good luck !!!

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